The Kickstarter campaign for The Spring Oven has just finished! We finished our campaign at 12.45pm today having raised £14,103, which amounts to 140% of the £10,000 funding target set. It has truly been an incredible month to remember and we would like to thank all of the pledgers and people who played their part in supporting the project. 

The plan for the next few months is to get the production side fully up and running and prepare all of the rewards to send out to our backers. Currently we have set up our current production facility to fulfil the orders we already have however we are looking into further options to maximise our production capacity. One subtle change that we hope to roll out in the full production of the Spring Oven's is the embossed stamp of the logo. You can see from the computer render below how we intend for this to look. We are still running tests to see how close we can get the stamp to this virtual reality image.

Please follow this blog on our new Bloglovin account, where we will be posting all the new information about our progress, as well as sneak peaks of the rewards as we prepare them for delivery to our 211 backers! Also follow The Spring Oven on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram below to stay up to date and please keep in contact if you have any questions at all. 

Thats all for now, we will leave you with some nice little graphics of the incredible Kickstarter progress that has been made over the last month. All this has made it possible to produce the The Spring Oven and bring it to market. Updated from 12pm today. 


infofraphic1 (1).jpg