So we reached our target on Kickstarter for The Spring Oven. This means we can now get the Spring Oven into production which is hugely exciting. The are still 13 days left of the campaign and plenty of rewards people can get! 

The Spring Oven's are selling at a special Kickstarter price during the campaign so get in quick for the best deals!

One of the products available on Kickstarter is a glazed base version of the Spring Oven. Earlier this week we took a trip to see the first glazed Spring Oven come out of the kiln, and we have photo's of the product today. 

So if you have already backed to get one of the glazed Special Edition Spring Ovens here is a first look at the beautiful white glazed version. 

We are currently putting together a list of the glaze colours we have available so stay in touch as we hope to release them soon. 


Just a few tweaks left to do for the slip casting process and we will be getting production underway. Looking forward to a nice breather after the campaign ends but for us now it's all go. Here's a snap of some of the moulds we picked up earlier this week.

Keep liking and sharing The Spring Oven on social media, as we hope to add as many new and exciting products as possible!