Ensemble Popup Shop


First things first, today (Thursday 2nd of November) marks the opening of the Ensemble Popup in Shoreditch, London. Ensemble is a curated selection of designers that are moving into 67 Redchurch Street for one week only. There will be a wide selection of high-end homewares, ceramics, jewellery and product design to browse around and also buy from the store. So if your interested in new design or are looking to get some early Christmas shopping in make sure you come down from the 2nd-8th November. 

The Spring Oven will be on display in both the original and glazed versions, plus you get a free book with every Spring Oven purchase at the store. Also we will be celebrating the launch of a new tableware product, more information below. 


The Barista Cup


It's been a long time coming but finally The Barista Cup is ready for launch. A cup designed with baristas and speciality coffee in mind. The unique purpose of this cup are its tailored features that make it the perfect cup for latte art. The whole design was made under the consultation of a top Brighton barista.

Key features that make this cup better: 

  • Fully curved inside cup profile, allows the milk to settle well at the bottom of the cup to create the best latte art.
  • Wide open top. The base of the cup can fit nicely in a hand, and the top has a wide opening perfect to get a gooseneck jug in close for a controlled milk pour.
  • Produced from a strong high fired stoneware
  • Handleless shape. The first part of a coffee shop cup to break is always the handle, we found that people often don't use the handles anyway.
  • 8mm thick. The barista cup insulates the coffee inside the cup, keeping your hands cool on the outside and the coffee hot on the inside.


Christmas Sale for the Spring Oven

20% off all Original and Glazed versions!


The Spring Oven and Special Edition Glazed Spring Ovens are currently on sale! Save 20% on the perfect Christmas present for someone who can't stay out of the kitchen. Get in as quickly as you can because they are selling fast and we are probably going to run out of stock as it gets close to Christmas. 

Find out more here!

The Spring Oven Shop