Kickstarter Launch Party

On Monday we had an evening to celebrate the launch of The Spring Oven Kickstarter campaign. The launch happened at a new coffee shop in Brighton called 'The Square' based at 47 New England street. 

To celebrate the launch, freshly baked wholewheat sourdough was being served. Of course the bread was baked that day in The Spring Oven. The doughs themselves were lovingly prepared by The Flour Pot bakery for the occasion. 

We had a screen up with the Kickstarter page up that was already showing the pledges that has already been made (thankfully we got off to a flying start) as I introduced the product and showed the video. Later we sat and watched the England crash out of the European championship, but hey at least The Spring Oven is still doing well.

We're five days into the Kickstarter campaign and things are going brilliantly. We are over 40% funded already. There is still a way to go but things are looking promising. I have also been able to add countries to our Spring Oven shipping list currently we ship to GB, U.S.A, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and we hope to be able to add more. You can make a request for a country here 

If you are yet to visit the campaign page, click on the link here and check out the video! If you, or a friend of yours is really into bread baking then this will be of interest. I am loving seeing the debate it is stirring up amongst bread bakers and I'll be releasing an exciting blog next week with a high profile bake's testimonial of using The Spring Oven. Keep up the liking and sharing on social media there are plenty more bread bakers who need to hear about this.

Copy and Paste the short link here:


Also delighted to add that Kickstarter themselves have chosen The Spring Oven as a 'Project we love'! onwards and upwards. More updates, blogs features to come so stay in touch and why not make a pledge you can pledge from as little as £1!