The last few months have been pretty crazy (Click here to read my first update). Currently the first full prototype is officially in production and will be available for testing soon. 
As the product moves toward its first manufacture run there have been many exciting developments including a feature and interview I took with Real Homes Magazine! The Spring Oven was featured in their online publication as a design to look out for in 2016. Click the image/link to read the full article.



Launching a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

With the money left over from prototyping I will be starting a crowd funding campaign with a website called Kickstarter. This will officially launch the product and fund the on-going production of the Spring Oven. It's a really exciting platform for launching a product and you can get involved too!

Kickstarter (the online crowd funding platform) works like this;

  1.  The Spring Oven will have an online profile on the  Kickstarter website with a  financial target to reach.                                                                                                           
  2.  Anyone and everyone can pledge money online towards the  Kickstarter  profile if they like the product and want to see  it made.                                                                            
  3.  In exchange for your level of financial backing you will  receive a  corresponding reward e.g. a Spring Oven booklet or  a free baking class, or  the Spring Oven product  itself!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  4.  No money/rewards are exchanged unless I reach (or go beyond)  the financial  target I set. So your pledges will only reach  me if I run a successful  campaign.

I've set the target of £15,000 to raise from my Kickstarter campaign which will fund the first full production run and product preparation. Click here to vote on which Kickstarter rewards you would like to see!


I am working with a Brighton based company to create a promotional video that will accompany the Kickstarter campaign which is planned to launch mid June 2016.
So, follow my social media accounts and get in contact if you are interested in more.

Kind Regards

Patrick Kendal

Creator of The Spring Oven